Configuring Archiving status notification

Enable this feature to receive a notification if GFI Archiver stops archiving. You can then go to the Home tab to troubleshoot further and identify the source of the problem. For more information refer to Using the Home tab.

To enable or disable notifications search option:

1. Select Configuration tab and click General Settings.

2. Click Additional Settings.

3. In the Fax Archiving and Notification Settings area, perform all the required modifications from the list of available options.

Option Description
Show the Fax search tab in the Archive page

Enable this feature to display the additional fax search tab within the Archive page. Users will be able to search for faxes or SMS archived in GFI Archiver from GFI FaxMaker.

Send archiving status notifications When this option is enabled, the GFI Archiver system administrator receives a notification when emails are not being archived in GFI Archiver.

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