Excluding folders from antivirus scanning

Antivirus software may cause GFI Archiver to malfunction. This occurs when such software denies access to certain files required by GFI Archiver.

It is recommended to exclude the following folders and subfolders from antivirus software (on-access and on demand) running on the GFI Archiver server:

GFI Archiver folders

<GFI Archiver Installation folder> and subfolders.

<..\Program Files\Common Files\GFI>

Also, exclude the index and the Archive Store locations from antivirus scans. The default Index and Archive Store locations are:

GFI Archiver default index and archive store locations

<GFI Archiver Installation folder>\Indexes\default

<GFI Archiver Installation folder>\Databases\default


You can change the Index and Archive Store locations after installing GFI Archiver. For information, refer to the Configure New Archive Store Settings and Configure search indexes sections in this manual.

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