Search index states

The different states of a GFI Archiver search indexes:

State Description

Initializing - this is the status when the search index is being created. An index is not expected to stay in this state for more than 10 minutes.

Invalid - this indicates that the search index is most likely to be corrupt.

Merging - GFI Archiver maintains sub-indexes which are smaller versions of the main index. These are used to increase the performance of the search index. Sub-indexes for an archive store are merged to the main search index when a number of sub-indexes are created or automatically at 2:00am.

Paused - the process is manually paused from the GFI Archiver Configuration. The index will remain in this state until the Resume Index button is clicked.

Online - the search index is online.

Pending - this state shows that the search index will start rebuilding shortly.

Rebuilding - this indicates that the indexer is indexing a database. The duration of rebuilding an index depends on the size of the database being indexed.