Using Retroactive Retention

Retroactive Retention enables you to apply email retention policies after the email has been archived. The process is run on demand and archived emails can be removed (or marked for removal) from selected archive stores. The process can be paused or stopped.


Enabling Legal hold does not stop a retroactive retention job but for legal reasons emails are not deleted until the Legal hold is removed.

New retention policies cannot be created while a Retroactive job is running.

To run retroactive retention:

1. Click Run Retroactive.

2. In the Archive Store field, select the archive stores on which Retroactive retention will run.

3. Click Add.

4. Click Run Retroactive.

5. Use the Summary for retroactive retention to monitor the progress of the running process.

6. Click Pause Retroactive to pause the current job or Stop Retroactive to cancel.


Retroactive Retention is a lengthy process depending on the amount of emails to process. Only one instance of retroactive retention is processed at any one time.

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