Remove emails from Exchange Server using Archive Assistant

Configure GFI Archiver to archive emails from user mailboxes and remove emails from Microsoft Exchange as soon as they are archived. This process helps free up space and increase performance of your Microsoft Exchange server.

To configure Archive Assistant:

1. Enable Auto-Archiving (JournalingA Microsoft Exchange Server feature which stores email copies in a central mailbox for various purposes, incl. mail archiving.) All Emails. For more information refer to Configuring Archiving Method.

2. Configure the Archive Assistant to Check for new emails every X hours. This ensures that emails are archived continuously. In the Delete Policy window, select the Permanently delete archived emails immediately option to free up space on the Microsoft Exchange server. For more information refer to Configuring Default Import Settings.

3. Emails are archived only once with aid of the Single Instance StorageProvides ability to keep one copy of an email that is shared between multiple users. It is a means to eliminate data duplication and to increase efficiency by reducing the amount of disk space needed to store emails.. The Archive Assistant then checks that the email is archived and removes it from the mailbox.