Creating custom scripts using VBscript

GFI LanGuard supports and runs scripts written in VBscript compatible languages. Use VBscript compatible languages to create custom scripts that can be run against your network targets.

Security auditing scripts can be developed using the script editor that ships with GFI LanGuard. This built–in script editor includes syntax highlighting capabilities as well as debugging features that support you during script development. Open the script editor from Start > Programs > GFI LanGuard > LanGuard Script DebuggerA GFI LanGuard module that allows you to write and debug custom scripts using a VBScript-compatible language..


For more information on how to develop scripts using the built–in script editor, refer to the Scripting documentation help file included in Start > Programs > GFI LanGuard > LanGuard Scripting documentation.


GFI does not support requests related to problems in custom scripts. You can post any queries that you may have about GFI LanGuard forums at Through this forum, you are able to share scripts, problems and ideas with other GFI LanGuard users.

Adding a vulnerability check that uses a custom VBScript (.vbs)

To create new vulnerability checks that use custom VBScripts, follow the steps described in this section: