Upgrading your Kerio Cloud account

You can upgrade your Kerio Connect Cloud account anytime. You can:

  • Upgrade Business Plan to a Business Pro Plan

  • Add users
  • Add external archiving

Upgrading your plan

  1. Log in to Kerio Cloud at https://cloud.kerio.com/ Use the credentials you received after creating an account.
  2. Go to Kerio Cloud > Your Subscriptions.
  3. Click the plus icon
  4. Edit your subscription plan. The options differ based on your current plan.
  5. Click Calculate the price and then click Add to cart.
  6. Click Proceed to checkout, select the payment method, and click Next.
  7. Select a delivery address or add a new address and click Next.
  8. Review your order and click Confirm.
  9. Select the card type and click Pay.
  10. Fill in the card info and click Pay.