Anti-spam protection in Kerio Cloud

Users of Kerio Cloud Business Pro and Kerio Cloud Private Cloud have access to an advanced anti-spam, including the ability to whitelist/blacklist email and to review messages retained by the quarantine.

Accessing the anti-spam service

  1. In a web browser, type the URLUniform Resource Locator is the address of a web page on the world wide web. that corresponds to your location:
Location URL
Kerio Cloud EU
Kerio Cloud US
  1. Type the username and password for your Kerio Cloud account.

Reviewing the quarantine

The Kerio Cloud advanced anti-spam retains spam messages in the quarantine.

You can perform the following actions on the spam messages:

  • Release messages so that it delivers to your Inbox
  • Whitelist senders so that messages from these senders are never considered as spam
  • Delete messages from the quarantine

To perform these actions:

  1. Select a spam messages.
  2. Click the button that corresponds to the actions you want to perform.

Whitelisting and blacklisting senders

  1. Switch to the Filter Rules tab.
  2. Go to the Users Whitelist/Blacklist tab.
  3. In the Whitelisted/Blacklisted Email Addresses or Whitelisted/Blacklisted Domains, click Add.
  4. Type the Sender Email or Sender Domain.
  5. (Optional) Type a Comment for better reference.
  6. Click Save.