Sending faxes using Microsoft Word Mail Merge

NetPrintQueue2Fax can be used to send out fax broadcasts from Microsoft Word, using the Mail Merge feature.

Mail Merge is a feature in Microsoft Word that enables users to author one template that can be used to produce customized and personalized documents. A template contains fields that are then automatically filled in from a data source.

Step 1: Creating the mail merge

  1. Create a new document.
  2. From the Mail Merge feature settings, add the fax recipients list. Key in the list or import the recipients from a data source such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft Access database. This is a sample table containing the recipient information:
Fax Number Name Company
+420313414515 Joe ABC Inc.
+441273123456 John DEF Ltd.
+420313414517 Steve GHI Inc.
+441273123458 Bob JKL Ltd.
+420313414519 Kevin MNO Inc.
  1. At the beginning of the document, specify the recipient fields required by GFI FaxMaker to resolve the recipient. Key in the fields as specified in the NetPrintQueue2Fax configuration screen. For example, create a table in the document to show the recipient information as follows:
To: Company: Fax:
  1. Next to each label, insert the applicable Merge field.
To: <<Name>> Company: <<Company>> Fax: <<Fax_Number>>
  1. Type or add any text and graphics to include in your fax. You may insert more merge fields in the content.
  2. In a new line at the end of the document, add the characters @#. These 2 characters are referred to as the fax separator characters, and are required to indicate to GFI FaxMaker that the next page is a new fax.

Step 2: Preview the fax

In Microsoft Word choose to preview the results. When this option is switched on, the merge fields in the document are populated with real data from your data source. Toggle through each record and verify that the fields are properly populated.

Step 3: Send the fax

When you are sure that the fax broadcast is ready to be sent, choose to finish and print the merged documents. Select the NetPrintQueue2Fax printer driver and click Print.

NetPrintQueue2Fax submits the print job to GFI FaxMaker, which in turn prepares the documents for transmission. Track the status of the submitted faxes from the GFI FaxMaker Monitor and from email notifications.