Configuring NetPrintQueue2FAX options

GFI FaxMaker needs to be configured to determine the identifiers for recipient details. For example, configure GFI FaxMaker so that the text following the string Fax: is the recipient’s fax number.

To configure recipient identifiers:

1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click NetPrintQueue2FAXA GFI FaxMaker printer driver installed on client machines and used for sending faxes. On printing to this driver, it delivers content to GFI FaxMaker for transmission. GFI FaxMaker determines fax recipient details from within the printed content. and select Properties.

NetPrintQueue2FAX configuration

2. Configure the following options:



Enable NetPrintQueue2FAX

Enable/Disable NetPrintQueue2FAX feature


Key in the text that identifies recipient’s name. Default value is To:.


Key in the text that identifies recipient’s company name. Default value is Company:.

Fax number

Key in the text that identifies recipient’s fax number. Default value is Fax:.

End of field terminator

After GFI FaxMaker finds a search field and retrieves the string that comes after the search string, it needs to identify the end of the search string. To do this, either do not put more text following that line or use a special character to determine the end of the field. To use a field terminator, select this option and key in a terminator.

Case sensitive search

Use this option to choose whether to match the case of field identifiers.

3. Click OK.


If GFI FaxMaker fails to find the search fields in the document, the fax is not sent and GFI FaxMaker sends an error report to the user.