Installing NetPrintQueue2FAX printer driver on clients’ machines

Install the printer driver on the client’s machines to enable users to use NetPrintQueue2FAXA GFI FaxMaker printer driver installed on client machines and used for sending faxes. On printing to this driver, it delivers content to GFI FaxMaker for transmission. GFI FaxMaker determines fax recipient details from within the printed content. feature. This procedure is the same as adding any other Windows® network printer driver.

To install the NetPrintQueue2FAX printer driver on Windows® 7/8/10:

1. From Control Panel select Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Add Printer > Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer and click Next.

2. Select NetPrintQueue2Fax printer from the list of found printers, or click The printer that I want isn’t listed to manually type the path of NetPrintQueue2Fax using the format \\FaxServerName\NetPrintQueue2Fax.


If GFI FaxMaker is installed on a 64-bit machine, the driver needs to be located manually:

a. Click OK in the No driver found dialog to locate the driver manually.

b. Browse to the GFI FaxMaker server and open shared folder NetPrintQueue2Fax_Drivers.

c. Select npqf.inf and click Open to install the driver.

d. Windows® will verify the publisher of the driver software. Click Install this driver software anyway to proceed.

3. Click Finish to add the NetPrintQueue2Fax printer to the list of printers.