Junk Fax filter

GFI FaxMaker enables automatic deletion of faxes received from certain fax IDs.

The junk fax filter options

To block a fax ID:

1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click Advanced > Junk Fax filter and select Properties.

2. Configure the following options:

Junk faxUnwanted incoming faxes that are not to be delivered to users. filter options



Delete faxes received from these FAX CSIDCall Subscriber Identification’s

Enables Junk Fax Filter. Add CSIDs of fax senders to block.

Delete faxes received from fax machines with an empty CSID

Deletes faxes received from senders with no CSID.

NOTE: Use with caution since some senders can choose to hide CSID.

Keep a copy of junk faxes

Store all junk faxes to a folder. Use this option to reviewed blocked faxes before deletion (Recommended).

3. Click OK.