Viewing System Log Files

The View Log Files page allows you to view the system log files and filter out various log messages. Log files provide an inside into the Exinda appliance's operation and aid in troubleshooting.

The following can be used to filter for particular messages:

To filter and navigate within the log file

  1. Go to Configuration > System > Logging > View.
  2. Select the log file to view. By default, the Current Log is displayed. The Exinda appliance periodically archives log files. These archived log files can also be viewed by selecting them from the Logfile list.
  3. To filter the contents of the log file, type the criteria to filter by and click Apply. The following are examples of common filters thar reduce the reported log lines to a single type:
  • WAN memory — wmd
  • TCP acceleration — tcpad
  • SMB acceleration — smbad
  • Community — communityd
  1. If there are multiple pages of log entries, to navigate to a specific page, type the page number in the Go to Page field and click Go.