Configure the appliance log files

The System Logging Configuration page allows you customize various aspect of System Logging, including exporting to remote syslog servers.

  1. On your browser, open the Exinda Web UI (https://Exinda_IPInternet protocol_address).
  2. Key-in the User and Password.
  3. Click Login.
  1. Click Configuration > System > Logging and switch to the Setup tab.
  2. Specify the format log files should be saved in. The Standard form is usually sufficient, however some external log file parsers may prefer the log file in WELF format.
  3. Select the severity level of log entries that should be saved. Any log entry with this severity level or lower will be saved to the System Log file.
  4. Select when the logs are rotated. To force System Log rotation immediately, click Force Rotation Now.
  5. Specify how many log files should be kept before they are permanently removed from the Exinda appliance.
  6. Click Apply Changes.

To save the changes to the configuration file, in the status bar click the Unsaved changes menu and select Save configuration changes.