Create policies to accelerate SSL traffic

The default policies that are created as a result of running the policy configuration wizard captures SSL traffic in a QoSQuality of Service only policy, meaning no attempt is made to accelerate any SSL traffic by default. To accelerate SSL traffic, you need to create an acceleration policy for the SSL application server you want to accelerate. Any SSL traffic that matches an acceleration policy is passed to SSL Acceleration. If a valid certificate and key are configured for that SSL traffic, then SSL acceleration occurs.

To create a policy for accelerating an SSL application

  1. Go to the Optimizer and create a new policy in the appropriate circuit & virtual circuitlogical definitions that partition a a physical network circuit and used to determine what traffic passes through it and how much by clicking Create new Policy...
  2. Specify the Action as Optimize.
  3. Check the Acceleration checkbox.
  4. Add a filter for the specified host and the specified SSL application.
  5. Add the policy on all Exinda appliances.
  6. Once the desired policies are in place on all Exinda appliances, restart the Optimizer.


To Accelerate an SSL application, this policy needs to be placed above any other policy that generically captures SSL traffic in the policy tree.