Create a cluster of Exinda Appliances

Configuring the appliances in the network to behave as a cluster, allowing for high availability and failover, involves two steps:

  1. Adding Exinda Appliances to the cluster.
  2. Specifying what data is synchronized between the cluster members.

Once the appliances are configured, the appliances will auto-discover each other and one will be elected as the Cluster Master. All configuration must be done on the Cluster Master, so when accessing the cluster, it is best to use the Cluster Master IPInternet protocol address when managing a cluster.


When upgrading the firmware of appliances that are part of a cluster, Exinda recommends that you break the cluster before starting the upgrade (Either by disconnecting the cluster link or by clearing the “Cluster” option for the appropriate interface). After all appliances in the cluster have been upgraded to the same firmware, the cluster can be put back together.