IP address for Exinda SD-WAN LAN

By default, the LANLocal area network interface of the Exinda SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network is assigned the IPInternet protocol address This is the IP address through which the Exinda SD-WANWide Area Network Management Interface is accessed.

It is possible to change the IP address of the Exinda SD-WAN LAN interface. This should be done with extreme care, as changing this affects the manner in which the Exinda SD-WAN Management Interface is accessed. In particular, it is important to remember the IP address that is assigned to the Exinda SD-WAN LAN. It is not possible to access the Exinda SD-WAN Management Interface without this information.

To set the Exinda SD-WAN LAN IP address, click the Home tab of the Exinda SD-WAN Management Interface. In the LAN configuration table, in the Interface column, click LAN. A prompt appears requesting for an IP address. If the value is changed for this IP address, it is imperative that the new value be remembered. The network mask for the Exinda SD-WAN LAN can also be set under Mask. By default, the network mask is set to