Software upgrade

You can find the latest software version on the Status tab of the Exinda SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network Management Interface and upgrade the software if required.

To determine the latest software version,

  1. Go to the Status tab of the Exinda SD-WANWide Area Network Management Interface.
  2. Click Firmware Upgrade located next to the current Software Revision.

    This causes the Exinda SD-WAN to access the internet and determine the latest software version available for the Exinda SD-WAN and display it at the top of the list.

  3. Select the latest software version in the list and click Update.

    A status bar is displayed indicating the progress of the software upgrade to the device. It may take several minutes for the upgrade to complete.

  4. To apply the upgrade, click Finalize after the progress bar has completed.

    The upgrade is effective upon the next device reboot.

After upgrading the system software, you can verify that the software has been upgraded by checking the version number in the Status tab. You should clear your browser cache to make sure that you are not viewing a cached page.