DHCP server

The DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol server on the Exinda SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network can be enabled or disabled via the radio buttons on the Home tab in the LANLocal area network configuration table. The “starting IPInternet protocol address” for the DHCP server can also be configured here. When the DHCP server inside the Exinda SD-WANWide Area Network is enabled, it starts assigning dynamic IP addresses starting from the configured address. This may be useful in some cases to avoid conflicts with manually assigned static IP addresses. The default starting IP address is An ending IP address can also be specified. The default ending IP address is

The DHCP server is enabled by default. It is automatically disabled when the Pass Through mode is enabled on any of the WAN ports. 

The specified IP address range for DHCP is also the range of local IP addresses that can be reached by VPNVirtual Private Network clients that are terminated on the Exinda SD-WAN.

The DHCP lease time and maximum number of leases can be set from the “DHCP Server Additional Settings” section in the Advanced tab. The gateway IP and WINS Server IP may also be set there. The name of the server IP for internal domains may be specified as well.