Customizing HTML reports

HTML report templates are customizable, enabling you to further tweak GFI EventsManager to suit your daily requirements. To edit the available templates, knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.


Before editing the default report template, save a copy of the original so that you can easily revert to default for troubleshooting.

To edit the layout of HTML reports:

1. Go to GFI EventsManager install directory:

%Program Files\GFI\EventsManager2012\Data\Templates\DefaultReportLayout

Editing HTML report templates

2. From DefaultReportLayout folder, edit the templates described below:

Template Description

This template is used when generating reports which contain data about grouped sources. Grouping can be by users, sources, event data and more.


Use this template to generate statistical and graphical reports which do not organize data into groups.

3. Using an HTML editor, edit the following elements of the templates:

Section Description
Report logo Replace GFI EventsManager logo with a logo of your choice. Add more logos or completely remove them from your reports.
Labels and text

Rename and reposition labels according to your needs.

Placeholders Although you are able to move placeholders around the report, renaming them will cause GFI EventsManager reporting engine to fail to return the respective data.

Available placeholders include:

Placeholder Description

Title of report.


Subtitle of report.


Description of report.


User who generated report.


Date when report is generated.


Sort field.


Report data is gathered from the specified time period.


List of Restrictions set for the Report.


Beginning of Header section of the repetitive block.


Name of grouping header.


Value of grouping header.


Ending of Header section of the repetitive block.


Beginning of the Body section of the repetitive block.


The Header section of the table data.


The Body section of the table data.


For charts. Contains the Sum or Count value of the computed field.


Places the chart at the beginning of the report.


Places the chart at the end of the report.

{endRepeateBlock} Ending of the Body section of the repetitive block.

4. Save the HTML template and generate a report using the new layout. For more information refer to Generating reports.


Using the same HTML/CSS conventions of the HTML templates, you are also able to create your own customized templates. Copy the template, rename it and reuse the same placeholders.