Configuring database rotation options

When processing events from a large number of event sources, it is important to configure database rotation options. These options instruct GFI EventsManager to automatically switch to a new database when a certain condition is met. Doing so helps you maintain a pool of fixed size databases which enable GFI EventsManager to perform better.

When a database becomes too large in size, queries take longer to complete so therefore, GFI EventsManager performance is affected negatively.

For example, if your event sources normally generate a lot of small sized event logs, enable database rotation for when a maximum number of records is reached. On the other hand, if the size of event logs that your event sources are generating is large, configure database rotation for when the database reaches the size limit.

To configure database rotation options:

1. Click Configuration tab > Options.

2. From Configurations, click File storage > Configure file storage…

Configuring database rotation options

3. Click Enable database rotation.

4. Configure the options described below:

Option Description
Rotate when database reaches {X} Records

Specify the number of records that the database has to contain before rotating to a new one.


Minimum value = 1,000, 000 records.

Rotate when database reaches {X} GB

Rotate to a new database when the current one reaches the specified size in Giga Bytes (GB)


Minimum value = 1GB.

Rotate when database is {X} weeks old

Rotate database when the current one is older than the specified number of weeks.


Minimum value = 1 week.

Rotate database on 1st of each {X} months Select this option to rotate databases on the 1st of each number of specified months. Example, rotate database on the 1st of every month, 1st of every two months or 1st of every six months.
Number of databases to create Specify the maximum number of databases that GFI EventsManager is able to create. Leave the value at 0 so that an unlimited number of databases can be created.
Delete database as needed Select this option so that when the maximum number of databases is reached, GFI EventsManager automatically deletes the oldest database to free space for new ones.
Each day (every 24hrs from the service starting time) Select this option to create and use a new database every 24 hours. 24 hours are calculated from the time the GFI EventsManager service starts.
Only after database maintenance is performed Create and use a new database, after an existing database performs maintenance operations.

5. Click Apply and OK.