User details

User details settings

The User Details screen enables configuration of the basic settings of a GFI FaxMaker Online user. To configure these options:

1. From the UsersAccounts configured in GFI FaxMaker Online that can send and receive faxes. screen, click next to the user to edit and click Edit User.

2. From the User tab, configure the following options:

Option Description
First name

The user's first name.


The user's surname.

Fax CSIDCall Subscriber Identification. (Optional) The Called Subscriber Identification is a custom name or number that the recipient sees when this user sends a fax.
DepartmentA collection of settings that can be applied by default to new users. Select to which department the user belongs.
Username The system-assigned username. This value is not editable.
Reset Password Click to reset the user password. An email is sent to the user's email address with instructions on how to reset the password.

Click Save to apply all changes, Discard Changes to cancel changes made, or navigate to another tab to configure other settings.