Outlook Connector enables the user to search in the archived mailbox for emails. On selecting Search button, Microsoft Outlook® connects with the GFI Archiver server and loads the search page in a separate window.

1. Select Search.


The Search button in Microsoft Outlook® 2010 is accessible in the GFI Archiver tab on the ribbon. In previous version of Microsoft Outlook®, it is located in the Outlook Connector Status toolbar.

By default, GFI Archiver displays the simple search interface that enables you to search for text within emails.

2. Key in the text to search for in the Search all archived emails for user text box.


Use of wildcards is allowed as follows:

  • ? - Matches any single character.
  • * - Matches any string of characters.

For example:

To search for emails containing the word ‘Swiss’, you can type ‘sw??s’ or ‘sw*s’ in the Search for box.

3. Select a date range from the Search through emails from list

4. <Optional> If you are logged in with a user account that has access to other user accounts, the simple search will, by default, search through your emails only.

5. Click .

Emails that match the search query specified are displayed below the Search area. GFI Archiver displays up to 25 emails per page. If more than 25 emails matched the search query, GFI Archiver will spread the emails out on separate pages.

To navigate through the search results pages, click on the page links provided.