The number of files in the process queue is growing large

Issue encountered

The import/export task displays: The number of files in the process queue is growing large. Export processes have been paused to give some time to the GFI Archiver Import Service to process the email backlog.


GFI Archiver is not able to archive emails in the databases. It results in emails backing up in the <\GFI\Archiver\MAISGFI Archiver Import Service\Pickup> folder. When the amount of emails in this folder reaches 300, the Import Export Tool is paused.

Possible solutions

Perform the following checks:

  • Check if there are more than 300 files in the <Archiver Installation folder>\MAIS\Pickup> folder. A large number of files there might indicate that emails are not being uploaded to Archive Store.
  • Ensure that the GFI Archiver directory is excluded from real-time backup and virus scanning software.
  • Ensure that GFI Archiver server has a stable connection to the database and that it has enough resources to cope with the load.
  • For SQL Server® databases, set the auto-growth settings of both the data and the transaction log files to a fixed value in megabytes, instead of a percentage value. Recommended values are 10 MB for the Transaction Logs and 100 MB for the Data Files. Also, ensure that the Maximum file size option for both data and transaction files is left to Unrestricted file growth.
  • Ensure that there is enough disk space on the server where the GFI Archiver Import Service is running.