Creating a journaling mailbox on Microsoft Exchange via the Post Install Wizard

To set up journaling for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or later installations using the post install wizard:

1. In the Configuration Wizard that opens after creating the Archive Store Profile, click Next.

Journal MailboxA directory or folder used for receipt, filing, and storing messages of emails. wizard

2. From the Mail Server to Archive Wizard page, select Let the wizard create a new journal mailbox to use to start archiving your emails. Select this option to automatically create a new journaling mailbox using the wizard. The new journaling mailbox will be created on the selected Microsoft® Exchange Server from the list of detected servers.


This feature works only with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 onwards.

i. Select Let the wizard create a new journal mailbox to use to start archiving your emails and click Next.

ii. When prompted, key in the required details for the journaling mailbox. Available options are:

Option Description
Let GFI Archiver create a new journaling user for you to associate the mailbox/es to. Select this option if you have already configured a journaling mailbox on a mail server. In the Detected mailboxes field, select the mailbox database you want to connect to from the list of detected mailboxes.
Use existing journaling user to associate the mailbox/es to. This option is enabled if a journaling user is discovered. If this option is enabled, the discovered journaling user will be associated with the 'Detected mailboxes'.

iii. Click Next.

iv. Provide the required Administrative credentials to complete the setup.

3. Click Finish to finalize setup.

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