Managing the Mail Servers to Archive

Depending on the archiving method selected, GFI Archiver can be configured to connect to mail servers to retrieve emails for archiving. A list of supported mail servers can be found in the systems requirements section. However, you can also configure other mail servers that meet the following requirements:

GFI Archiver uses journaling to centralize all the emails to archive in a single mailbox. An initial journaling mailbox is configured using the GFI Archiver post-install wizard.

A journaling mailbox is a type of mailbox that stores a copy of all emails in an organization. GFI Archiver connects to the mail server, downloads the emails stored in the journaling mailbox and stores them in Archive StoresA collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver. Once emails are downloaded from the mail server, they are removed permanently from the journaling mailbox to free up resources on the mail server. For more information refer to How GFI Archiver works.


Some features in GFI Archiver are designed to work only with Microsoft Exchange Server. Product features such as Mailbox Folder Structure Retrieval, Exchange Mailbox Import via Import Export Tool and Mailbox Restore tool are not available if other mail servers are used.

This section provides information on how to:


For journaled emails to be archived within GFI Archiver, the archiving method Auto-Archiving (Journaling) must be enabled. Once emails are downloaded from the mail server, they are removed from the journaling mailbox. For more information refer to Configuring Archiving Method.