Microsoft® Exchange mailbox access permissions – Revoke Permissions

If the Import from Microsoft® Exchange MailboxA directory or folder used for receipt, filing, and storing messages of emails. Wizard was run on a machine that is not the Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 or later server, ‘Send As’ and ‘Receive As’ permissions are granted automatically to user credentials . It is recommended to revoke these permissions after running the Import Export Tool.


There are no permissions to be revoked when running the Import Export Tool directly on the Microsoft® Exchange Server machine.

Importing mailboxes remotely from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 and later editions:

1. Open the Microsoft Exchange Management Shell.

2. Run the following Windows® PowerShell commandlet:

Remove-ADPermission -identity "Mailbox Store" -User "Trusted User" -AccessRights GenericAll


Replace ‘Mailbox Store’ with the name of the mailbox store that contains the mailboxes of the users and ‘Trusted User’ with the user that was previously granted full mailbox access.


Remove-ADPermission -identity "Mailbox Database" -User "master-domain/JohnSmith" -AccessRights GenericAll