Status overview

GFI Archiver Heartbeat

The ‘Status Overview’ area shows information that enables you to quickly identify issues related to various components of GFI Archiver, such as any unresponsive servers. View the following tabs to investigate any interruptions in service:

Option Description
Services Shows current status of background services used by GFI Archiver.
JournalingA Microsoft Exchange Server feature which stores email copies in a central mailbox for various purposes, incl. mail archiving. Mailboxes Displays a list of configured journaling mailboxes. For more information refer to Configuring a journaling mailbox.
SQL Servers Shows the SQL Servers configured to archive email. For more information refer to Choosing and preparing a database.
Licensing The Licensing tab shows if the current license is valid and whether the installation is in evaluation or fully licensed mode. It also indicates the number of licensed users, the number of enabled users and information related to how long the product has been in operation.