Configuring call pickup

This function enables users to answer a call ringing on an extension on a device at another extension. The PBXPrivate Branch Exchange - System that connects telephone extensions and switches calls. distinguishes between two types of call pickup:

  • Call pickup within defined groups (so called rooms) by using specific code (by default, this code is *8),
  • Call pickup by using a special code (by default, this code is **) with the called extension appended at the end.

How to configure call pickup rooms

  1. In the administration interface, go to Configuration > PBX Services, enable Call Pickup and save the settings. Keep the default pickup code (*8) unless you do have a reason to change it.
  2. Go to Definitions > Call Pickup Rooms and click Add to open dialog Add Call Pickup Room.
  3. Type the name of the department or the office in the Name field.
  4. In the table, add all users and extensions that will be able to pick up calls for one another.
  5. Make sure the Room is enabled option is checked.


The Live And Let Laugh company network administrator uses the Add Call Pickup Room dialog to add a group with room name Local Sales for HPR (Happy people Republic). He adds all sales assistants for local market and their extensions: Frederic Jovial, Mary Merry, George Funpoker.

Frederic Jovial has a day off today. His phone is ringing. Thanks to the call pickup rooms feature, Mary Merry does not need to dash for the Frederic’s desk every time a customer calls his extension. She simply dials the magic code *8 and serves the customer at her desk.

How to configure directed call pickup

Directed call pickup is a service allowing to pickup calls directed to any extension at the PBX. Imagine the following situation:

  • the managing director Peter Prank uses extension 101
  • the financial director Oscar Jape uses extension 102
  • they share an assistant, Ms Alessandra G. Uffaw.

If Alessandra's phone shows information that someone is calling the managing director (Peter Prank) during his meeting with the financial director (Oscar Jape), she can accept the call by dialing **101. Once she picks up the call, she learns that the caller is the International laughter Association manager and arranges a meeting for him and her company’s executive manager. A few minutes later, the phone at the desk of the financial director Oscar Jape starts ringing. Again, the assistant can accept this call at her desk phone. now she enters the code **102 and recommends the caller (the Cirque de Rire ringmaster) to call Mr Jape back later.

As you can see, by dialing the call pickup code, you can answer a call for any extension of the PBX.

For directed call pickup, apply settings as described below:

  1. In the administration interface, go to Configuration > PBX Services.
  2. Enable Directed Call Pickup.
  3. Directed call pickup is now fully functional.