Phone provisioning - wrong detection of CISCO phones


  • You cannot configure a provisioned phone.
  • The phone has be detected and the administration interface in section Provisioned Phones displays a different type of phone.
  • The phone does not accept the extension it has been assigned.


Some phones support two types of protocols:

The default protocol is set to SCCP. Phones may not detect the correct communication protocol. As Kerio Operator uses SIP for communication, the telephone cannot be attended.

How to solve it?

Switch the communication protocol of the phone from SCCP to SIP manually.

Example: Cisco SPA 525

  1. Go to the phone configuration interface in your browser: https://phoneIPaddress/admin/advanced
  2. Change SPA525-protocol to SIP.
  3. Change SPA525-auto-detect-sccp to no.
  4. Login to Kerio Operator and go to Provisioned Phones.
  5. Remove the wrongly detected phone (it has been detected as an older CISCO phone).
  6. Restart the phone (so called soft restart).

Configuring the Cisco SPA 525 phone


A similar problem has been identified for CISCO SPA 303. In this case, the phone’s administration is locked (we have found the solution on Further steps are similar to Cisco SPA 525.