Hardware telephone basic usage

Learn how to use common functions of hardware phones supported by Kerio Technologies).

Using loud speaker

Every telephone has a special button for loud speaker (speaker button). You can usually press this button either before dialing or anytime during a call.

Using Do not Disturb

If you select Do not Disturb option (DnD), the phone will generate the busy tone to inform the other party that you are not available.

Learn how to configure DnD in various supported hardware phones.

For unblocking incoming calls, use the same sequence.

Forwarding calls

Most hardware phones support call forwarding. However, you can also set it in Kerio Phone too.

Conference calls

Most hardware phones also support conference calls. However, it is much easy and simple to use conferences in Kerio Operator.

Transferring calls

When you want to transfer a call, you usually have two options:

  • Attended transfer -you can connect with the third party, find out if the person is on the phone and make an announcement.
  • Blind transfer - the call is transferred without any announcement.

Learn how to configure these options in various supported hardware phones.