Monitoring Faxes in Queue

Use the GFI FaxMaker Monitor to track faxes that are in queue, ready to be transmitted.

To access the Monitor, login to the GFI FaxMaker web console and click the required dashboard from the Monitor tab in the top menu bar.


Only fax administrators have access to the Monitor. For more information refer to Fax administrators.

Monitoring Queued Faxes

Use the left pane on the dashboard, to filter faxes in the queue by their current status.

Administrators can use the Queued Faxes dashboard to:

Action Description
Search faxes in the queue Key in a word to search faxes in the Sender, Recipient or Priority fields in the queue.
View fax information Double-click any fax in the queue to view more detailed information about that particular fax.
Remove a fax from the queue

Select one or more faxes to remove from the queue. You can also click to select all displayed faxes. Click Delete and click OK to confirm deletion.

Restart MTA Click to restart the GFI FaxMaker Message Transfer Agent service, when required.