Supported merge-fields

The following fields are used in coverpages and front covernotes to display useful fax information.


All fields must be in lower case.

Sender’s details

CoverpageA page containing information attached and sent as the first page of a fax. This page is customizable and can contain company logo and colors, sender and recipient information, fax details and more. merge fields - sender’s details




Sender’s last name


Sender’s first name


Sender’s first & last name


Sender’s last & first name


Sender’s company name


Sender’s department name


Sender’s Fax number


Sender’s telephone number


Sender’s email address

Recipient’s details

Coverpage merge fields - recipient’s details




Recipient’s company name


Recipient’s department name


Recipient’s first name


Recipient’s last name


Recipient’s first & last name


Recipient’s last & first name


Recipient’s Fax number


Recipient’s telephone number


Recipient’s email address

Other fields

Coverpage merge fields




Show the email body text.

NOTE 1: Ensure enough space is allocated to fit in the email body.

NOTE 2: Emails normally include plain text and HTML formats for backward compatibility. By default, GFI FaxMaker shows the HTML version. To choose the preferred format, right-click Coverpages node in GFI FaxMaker and select the preferred format.


Fax transmission time


Fax transmission date


Fax transmission date and time.


Shows the email subject


Total number of fax pages, including the coverpage.