Configuring a GFI Online Fax Service account

When a GFI Online Fax Service account is available, specify the account details in GFI FaxMaker:

  1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click Fax Services node and select New fax service account.
  2. Select GFI Online Fax Service and click OK.

New GFI Online Fax Service account

  1. Configure the following options:



Account name

Key in a friendly account name which will be used to identify this service.

User ID Enter your GFI Online Fax Service user ID. This usually starts with MBX.
Password Key in you GFI Online Fax Service account password.
  1. Click Validate Account to check if GFI FaxMaker can access the service using the details provided.
  2. In Receive poll interval in minutes specify the frequency for GFI FaxMaker to check for new faxes.
  3. Click OK.

Next, configure a fax line for the fax service so that GFI FaxMaker can start sending/receiving faxes from this service. For more information refer to Fax Lines.