Using ESMConvertHTML2PDf.exe

ESMConvertHTML2PDf.exe is a tool that ships with GFI EventsManager that enables you to export GFI EventsManager HTML reports to Portable Document Format (PDF).

To use ESMConvertHTML2PDf.exe:

1. Click Start > Run and key in CMD.

2. Click Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run CMD with elevated privileges.

3. Change the directory to the GFI EventsManager install directory. Example:

CD C:\Program Files\GFI\EventsManager

4. Key in ESMConvertHTML2PDf.exe followed by the following parameters:

Parameter Description
/source:<path to HTML files>

Set the source path which contains the HTML reports to convert.

/target:<path to PDF file> Specify the destination folder where to store the converted PDFs.


ESMConvertHTML2PDf.exe /source:C:\Program Files\EventsManager 13 /target:C:\PDFReports\EventsManager

5. Press Enter to run the command.