Virtual directory names

The default virtual directory names of GFI MailEssentials and Quarantine RSS are MailEssentials and MailEssentialsRSS respectively. Virtual directory names are customizable; however it is recommended that these are not changed.


If GFI MailEssentials is configured to be accessed only from the local machine, the GFI MailEssentials Configuration virtual directory is not configurable.

1. Launch GFI MailEssentials Switchboard from Start > Programs > GFI MailEssentials > Switchboard.

2. From IIS user interface mode options area, specify custom virtual directory names for:

  • GFI MailEssentials Configuration - key in a custom name in the Virtual directory field.
  • Quarantine RSS virtual directory - key in a custom name in the RSS Virtual directory field.

3. Click Apply.

4. Click OK and wait while applying the new settings.

5. When the process completes, click OK.