Using Microsoft® SQL Server

Microsoft® SQL Server is recommended for larger organizations (100+ email users) with a substantial volume of emails to archive (more than 6000 email per day). For organizations with more than 500 email users (or more than 8000 emails per day) to archive emails for, it is highly recommended to use Microsoft® SQL Server with File Storage option. This substantially increases the archival capacity of GFI Archiver.

This help includes information on how to install a new Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 and SQL Server® 2012 Express database server. For more information refer to Installing SQL Server® 2012 and SQL Server® 2012 Express.


Archive email auditing feature is only available when emails are archived in Microsoft® SQL Server. For Microsoft® SQL Server with File Storage option you can use the GFI Archiver Auditing features instead. For more information refer to Configuring Auditing.

The recommended setup for GFI Archiver using a Microsoft® SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 database is as follows:

  • Physical HDD 1: Operating system and GFI Archiver installation.
  • Physical HDD 2: Microsoft® SQL Server data file (.mdf).
  • Physical HDD 3: Microsoft® SQL Server log file (.ldf)
  • Physical HDD 4: Mail database indexes.


Ensure that the .mdf and .ldf files are stored in a folder on the destination drive and not in the root directory.

This configuration ensures that different processes are distributed to distinct physical hard disk drives. This eliminates performance loss due to excessive data read/write operations on the same physical hard disk drive.


After the first month of archiving, note the database data file size. With this value, estimate the archive database size after six months, for example. If you estimate that your archive database will be larger than 20 GB, you should consider configuring the Archive StoresA collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver management feature of GFI Archiver.


Configure Microsoft® SQL Server to use Mixed Authentication mode for use with GFI Archiver.

To change to Mixed Authentication mode:

1. Right-click on the SQL Server node > Properties from the Enterprise Manager

2. Access Security tab and select SQL Server and Windows under Authentication.

3. Save settings.