Configuring a Full Access role

GFI Archiver ships with five predefined roles, two of which offer different levels of Full Access. Depending on your requirements, assign a Full Access role as follows:

1. Select Configuration and click Roles and Permissions.

2. In the Manage Role Assignments area, click Assign Role.

3. In the User/Group field, select a user.

4. In the Role field, select:

Role Description
Full Access Select the Full Access role for users who need to access mailboxes belonging to other users. This role grants users access to all emails archived within GFI Archiver and to MailInsights reports. Users assigned to this role do not have access to Configuration and Auditing areas.
Full Access and Administrator Assign the Full Access and Administrator role for Administrators of GFI Archiver who need access to the configuration area. This role also grants users access to all emails archived within GFI Archiver, to Auditing and to MailInsights reports.

5. Click Add.

6. The selected user is added to the list.

7. Click Save.

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