Using the GFI Archiver Authentication Tool

By default the GFI Archiver web interface uses windows authentication when authenticating users. GFI Archiver supports also forms based authentication.

When using Windows authentication, a user opening the web interface is automatically signed in if they are on a machine already authenticated with the network.

With Forms authentication, the internet browser displays a login screen prompting the user to enter credentials every time. This method of authentication also displays a sign out button to log out of the application. Forms based authentication is normally used when users connect to GFI Archiver outside of your local domain, such as the Internet.

The GFI Archiver Authentication Tool enables you to switch from windows based authentication to forms based authentication.


The GFI Archiver Authentication Tool is available only in GFI Archiver 2013 or later. For earlier versions, you can use a manual procedure to change the method of authentication. For more information refer to:

To use the GFI Archiver Authentication Tool:

1. Go to the GFI Archiver installation folder and from \Tools\ChangeAuthentication\ locate the following executable: GFIChangeAuthenticationTool.exe

2. Double click the executable to open the tool.

3. The GFI Archiver Authentication Tool displays the currently configured mode. Click the change button to switch to the other mode.

4. Close and reopen your internet browser after switching the authentication mode to clear browser cookies.