Monitoring active connections

Kerio Control monitors the following network connections:

You can find monitoring of active connections in Status > Active Connections.

Each line of the Active Connections window represents one network connection. (Note that these are not user connections. Each client application can use multiple connections at any given moment).

The Active Connections section provides detailed information on a selected connection in the bottom window. If that information is not visible, click the Show details button. You can also copy IP addresses and hostnames in the bottom window.

The section can, for example, display:

Kerio Control also distinguishes different types of connections by colours (4)

Active Connections

Killing connections

You can close any of the active connections. Right-click a connection and click Kill Connection.

Application visibility in Active Connections

If you want to see applications recognized by Application awarenessA part of next generation firewall which allows you to identify and filter traffic according to particular applications. in Active Connections, display the Info column. For more information refer to Application visibility in Active Connections.

Local connections

A local connection is monitored if the communication goes through Kerio Control:


Both directions are monitored.

Local connections between two computers from a single interface are not monitored by Kerio Control: