Monitoring System Health in Kerio Control

System Health shows current usage of CPU, RAM and the disk space of the computer or device where Kerio Control is running.

Option Description
Time Interval Selection of time period for which CPU load and RAM usage is displayed.

Timeline of the computer's (device's) CPU load. Short time peak load rates (peaks of the chart) are not unusual and can be caused for example by the network activity.


RAM usage timeline.

Storage usage

Currently used and free space on the disk space or a memory card.

If storage space is missing, it is possible to click Manage and delete some files created by running Kerio Control (logs, statistics data, etc.) and set limits which prevent possible running out of storage space.


Restart of the system or shutdown of the device.

Lack of system resources may seriously affect functionality of Kerio Control . If these resources are permanently overloaded, it is recommended to restart Kerio Control and then check system resources usage once again.

Power Off

Shutdown of the device.

Storage space management

To get enough free space on the disk, you can use the following methods:

  • Free disk space by deleting old or unnecessary files (logs, statistics, etc.),
  • Set size limits for files created by Kerio Control appropriately.

The dialog shows only such components data of which occupy at least a certain amount of space (MB).