Kerio Control provides a combination of Unified Treat Management and Next-Generation firewall which helps you to protect, manage and monitor your network and users' behavior.

The Kerio Control web based interface is clean and simple, and you can log into the firewall securely. After a successful login, you can set up your account, watch Kerio Control Statistics if you have permissions, or configure 2-step verificationSecurity authentication which includes two steps, which includes password and a special time-limited code..

You can gather and display a detailed usage reports with Kerio Control Statistics. This component lets managers, admins and users view Internet and application activities of individual users. Users can see their own statistics and correct their behavior accordingly. Team leaders can see Internet activities of their team members and managers can see browsing and application usage of all users in the company.

These highly granular statistics can automatically run on a schedule and be emailed to you, ready for your review.

Kerio Control supports VPNVirtual private network - A network that enables users connect securely to a private network over the Internet., therefore, you can connect to your company network remotely from your home. Installation and configuration of Kerio Control VPN Client allows you to work with all your files and applications which are not publicly available through the Internet.