SNMP monitoring

Configuring Kerio Control

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol - A protocol to manage network.) is a protocol which allows you to monitor Kerio Control status.

  1. In the administration interface, go to Configuration > Accounting and Monitoring > SNMP.
  2. Check Enable SNMP monitoring.
  3. In the Location field, type any text which will help you recognize the server and its location.
  4. In the Contact filed, type your contact information which will help you recognize the server and its location.
  5. Select which version to use — 2c or 3 (both versions are read-only). Note that version 2c supports passwords as plain text only (community string), while version 3 supports encryption (SHA-1). Some monitoring tools, however, do not support version 3.


Use the snmpwalk command to list all available object identificators.


CactiMonitoring tool based on SNMP. is a monitoring tool which can handle the SNMP protocol.

In the web administration of Cacti, go to the Devices section, add a new device, provide a description, then enter the hostname or IP addressAn identifier assigned to devices connected to a TCP/IP network. of Kerio Control. Specify the SNMP version (usually version 2) and the community previously defined in the Kerio Control administration. Leave the other values as default.