Protecting the server from mail abuse

To optimize server utilization In a hosting environment you may decide to occupy your servers with the maximum number of recommended mailbox accounts. In this situation it is important to enforce storage quotas, strong passwords, and email delivery restrictions to prevent abuse and ensure uninterrupted operation.

Setting storage quotas

Set user mailbox storage quotas to prevent excessive accumulation of email. This improves the server performance and encourages users to transfer large files via alternative services. For more information refer to Limit the size of user mailboxes.

Assigning email delivery restrictions

In a multiserver environment all tenants share the same bandwidth and server resources. To ensure fast and reliable access to these resources you can assign SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol - An internet standard used for email transmission across IP networks. security options such as the maximum number of messages per hour or the maximum size of an incoming message. For more information refer to Securing the SMTP server.

Enabling items clean-out

You can prevent users from retaining discarded or spam email by enabling items clean-out. Items clean-out preserves space and server processing by removing old messages from the trash or spam folders. For more information refer to Deleting old items in users' mailboxes automatically.

Enforcing password complexity

Kerio Connect protects mailbox accounts by enforcing strong passwords and prohibiting password guessing. In a multi-tenant environment it is extremely important to maintain this setting as a single compromised account can be extremely disruptive to mail delivery for all users of the server. For more information refer to Password policy in Kerio Connect.