Configuring Kerio Connect for multitenancy

Follow the Kerio Connect Quick Start to prepare for the general installation and setup of Kerio Connect. For a multi-tenant environment you may need to set up specific types of configuration as described here:

SaaS Licensing

In a hosted multi-tenant environment it is common that the user count may frequently fluctuate. To accommodate this behavior Kerio Connect supports a SaaS license that permits the use of a non-restricted user count. Details regarding the SaaS licensing program are available to registered Kerio partners in the Kerio Partner Portal.

Creating tenants

Kerio Connect separates tenants using domains. Each domain contains a unique set of users, groups, mailing lists, aliases, resources, and public folders. For more information refer to Domains in Kerio Connect.

Personalizing tenant accounts (domains)

In the properties of each domain you can define several types of configuration that apply only to authenticated users of the domain.

Configuration Type Description
SSLSecure Sockets Layer - A protocol that ensures integral and secure communication between networks. Certificates

You can personalize the connection parameters for each tenant by assigning a SSL certificateSSL certificates are used to authenticate an identity on a server. per domain. This allows users to connect securely to the server using a personalized Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Refer to Configuring SSL certificates in Kerio Connect for information about using multiple certificates in Kerio Connect.

Custom logo

Each tenant can have a custom logo so that users can associate with their corporate brand when using Kerio Connect Client.

Email footer

Kerio Connect can append a common footer with rich formatting and images to all outbound email from a specific domain.

Refer to Customizing Kerio Connect for configuration details regarding custom logos and email footers.