Preparing an environment for Hosting

Kerio Connect is suitable for hosting approximately 300 mailbox accounts on a single system. For larger deployments, you can distribute mailboxes to multiple Kerio Connect servers. If you require more than 300 mailboxes in a single domain, consider Kerio Connect multi-server. Refer to the technical specifications for information regarding the recommended system requirements and sizing information.

To maximize the efficiency and availability of your hosting environment consider the following:

  • A secure and reliable data center with redundant power and Internet.
  • Servers designed specifically for virtualization.
  • A virtualization platform.
  • An operating system optimized for your preferred virtualization platform.
  • Fast and scalable primary storage.
  • Inexpensive secondary storage for data backup and archiving.

If you find that obtaining or leasing proper hosting infrastructure is either challenging or cost prohibitive, consider alternative options such as Kerio Private Cloud.