Monitoring GFI FaxMaker updates

Monitor and configure how GFI FaxMaker downloads and installs updates issued by GFI Software.

  1. Log in to the GFI FaxMaker web interface and from the top menu bar, click Settings .
  2. From the left pane choose Updates.

Updates settings

  1. Configure the following options:
Option Description
Platform Updates Displays a list of pending and installed updates for the GFI FaxMaker server. Click any entry in the list to view additional information. Click Check to verify if any new updates are available.
Auto updates

Choose whether to automatically install updates when these are available.

If enabling this setting, specify a schedule for when to install updates. It is recommended to install updates at off-peak hours.

Check Apply major platform updates immediately to immediately install important updates as soon as these are available.


Enable this option to receive email notifications when updates are available or installed. When enabling, you can check any of the following options:

  • New updates are available - to send email notifications whenever GFI FaxMaker finds new updates.
  • Platform update was successfully installed - to send email notifications whenever updates are successfully installed. Note that GFI FaxMaker always sends a notification when an update fails to install.
  • Notify all administrators - to notify all fax administrators about the updates. Un-check this option to manually enter a list of email addresses that will receive these notifications.
  1. Click Save to apply changes.