Generating reports

Reports can be downloaded immediately from the GFI FaxMaker web console or sent via email to a custom list of recipients.

  1. Log in to the GFI FaxMaker web console and choose the Reports tab.
  2. Use the left pane of the Reports screen to filter between reports. In the Default Reports section, choose All to show all the default reports or click Fax or SMS to show default reports related to fax or SMS usage respectively. In the Corporate section, access your Custom or Scheduled reports.
  3. To generate and download a report without customizing settings, hover on report and click Download now. Alternatively click Customize to generate to open the report settings.
  1. From the General tab, configure report options. The options available may vary between different report types. The following are the basic, most common options across reports.
Option Description
Scope The time period that the report data covers. Choose either a relative time period with respect to the date when the report is generated, for example, choose Last 7 days to show data for a week prior to the date when report is generated. Alternatively, choose a Custom date range with custom from and to dates.
Report for

Choose to show report data that has a particular property, such as the Status which allows you to filter reports depending on the transmission status of the message. In the Add filters text field, key in or choose the data to filter for. Click + to apply the filter. Repeat the process to add any different filters as applicable.

For example, to show faxes transmitted over line 23 that failed, choose Fax Line, add filter 23 and click +. Then choose Status, select Failed and click +.

Group by Defines how report data is grouped. Choose All to have different sections within the report grouped by all the possible groupings. Alternatively group data by a particular property, for example, choose Day to show total usage during each day within the scope.
Format Choose the format of the report when it is generated.
  1. When all report data is configured, choose how to generate the report:
  • Save as Custom - Click this button to save the report as a custom report before generating it, enabling you to save the report settings and re-generate the report without re-configuring the settings. For more information refer to Custom reports.
  • Download now - Click this button to download the report as configured.
  • Send Now - Go to this tab to send the report via email. Specify the recipients of the report and click Send.
  • Send via email periodically - Go to the Schedule tab to send this report via email every couple of days. For more information refer to Scheduled reports.