GFI EventsManager within in a Local Area Network (LAN)

GFI EventsManager can be deployed on Windows® based networks as well as on mixed environments where Linux and Unix systems are being used as well.

Deployment of GFI EventsManager in LAN

When installed on a Local Area Network (LAN) GFI EventsManager can manage Windows® events, Text Logs, Syslog messagesNotifications/alerts most commonly generated and transmitted to a Syslog server by UNIX and Linux-based systems whenever important events occur. Syslog messages can be generated by workstations, servers as well as active network devices and appliances such as Cisco routers and Cisco PIX firewalls to record failures and security violations amongst other activities., SNMP Trap and SQL Server® audit messages generated by any hardware or software that is connected to the LAN, including:

Device Example
Workstations and laptops

End-user computers and systems.


Web servers, Mail servers, DNS servers and more.

Network devices

Routers, switches and any other device that generates performance logs.


Including GFI EndPointSecurity, GFI LanGuard and other applications that generate logs.

Specialized Services

Microsoft® Internet Information Server – IIS.

PABXs, Keyless Access Systems, Intrusion detections systems and more

GFI EventsManager enables you to monitor any device that is attached to the network.