Search Folders

A Search Folder is a folder that has a custom search query associated to it and displays all quarantined emails that match the search query.

Examples of search folders:

  • A search folder that displays only outbound emails quarantined by the Virus Scanning Engines.
  • A search folder that displays inbound emails quarantined in a particular date range and addressed to a particular user.
  • A search folder that displays emails that meet specific search criteria
  • A search folder that displays the results of a previously defined search query.

To display emails in a particular search folder:

  1. Go to Quarantine node.

Default and custom search folders

  1. Click a search folder displayed in the Default Search Folders or Custom Search Folders areas. Alternatively, select one of the search folder nodes under the Quarantine and Quarantine > Search Folders node.


Use the search results to review quarantined emails. You can approve false positives for delivery to recipients. For more information refer to Working with Quarantined emails.